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Microsoft Acquires Conversational AI Startup Semantic Machines
eWeek  3 hours ago  

Microsoft has acquired Semantic Machines, a conversational artificial intelligence startup, the software giant announced on May 20. Financial terms were not disclosed. Based in Berkeley, Calif., Semantic Machines specializes in AI systems that can carry on conversations. It's a step up from ...  read

Teen-Phone Monitoring App Leaks Info About Teens and Parents
nextgov  4 hours ago  

The app called Teen Safe is used by worried parents to keep tabs on their kids. The app give parents access to their kid's location, text messages, call history, web browsing history and app downloads. But a big flaw means it's possible ...  read

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to address EU Parliament on data scandal
USA Today  4 hours ago  

Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, will appear before European Parliament on Tuesday to address the data scandal involving political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. To find out more about Facebook commenting ...  read

What will the Obamas produce for Netflix? Pretty much everything
The Mercury News  3 hours ago  

Barack and Michelle Obama have maintained a relatively low profile since leaving the White House. But that could be changing now that they have agreed to produce original programming for Netflix. The Los Gatos-based streaming giant announced on Monday that the former ...  read

Elon Musk is comparing Tesla's 'mass market' Model 3 to a $66,000 BMW (TSLA)
Business insider  3 hours ago  

When Tesla unveiled its Model 3 last year, CEO Elon Musk hawked the sedan as an affordable car for the masses. Fast forward 10 months and Musk is now comparing the "mass-market" Model 3 to the BMW M3, which has a base ...  read

OnePlus 6 review: 6 things I like about the new OnePlus flagship, and 3 things I hate
BGR  13 hours ago  

OnePlus takes a peculiar approach to announcing new smartphones. Most companies tend to wait until their scheduled press conferences before they start sharing details about a phone. This makes sense, of course, because it allows them to tell the exact story they ...  read

Beats is tasked with lifting Apple’s weak HomePod  9 hours ago  

Apple’s HomePod is struggling as Amazon and Google’s smart speakers continue dominating. More than 9 million units from every brand shipped in Q1 2018; however, only 600,000 of them came from Apple. With the company’s smart speaker falling behind, Apple could be ...  read

Samsung announces Galaxy A6, A6+, J6, and J8 mid-rangers in India
Android Central  3 hours ago  

Samsung's launching four new mid-range phones in India, including the Galaxy A6, A6+, J6, and J8. Starting first at the A6 and A6+, we got a look at these two phones in late April when Samsung's Indonesia website quietly listed them without ...  read

Qualcomm Partners With Facebook For High-Speed Internet Wireless Terragraph Project
HotHardware  3 hours ago  

Terragraph makes use of the 802.11ay WLAN standard and can transmit data at 20 to 40 Gbps at a distance of 300 to 500 meters. The aim is to provide "speed, efficiency and quality" internet service around the globe in even dense ...  read

Epic Games to drop $100 million on Fortnite esports tournaments
CNET  4 hours ago  

The company says it's getting behind competitive play in a big way. Epic Games, the company behind the insanely popular game Fortnite, said Monday that it will provide $100 million to fund prize pools for Fortnite tournaments during the 2018-2019 esports season. ...  read

Acer launches laptops with Alexa built in
MyBroadband  8 hours ago  

Acer has unveiled a selection of its laptops that will ship with Amazon Alexa pre-installed, Engadget reported. Alexa support will allow users with smart home devices to control their network of gadgets from their laptop, instead of addressing an Echo smart speaker. ...  read

Tesla Model 3 misses Consumer Reports recommendation
CNET  3 hours ago  

The Tesla Model 3 fell short of a recommendation from Consumer Reports, the outlet said today. CR pointed out plenty of positive things, like its range, acceleration and handling. But, in the end, "big flaws" prevented the most affordable Tesla to date ...  read

Resident Evil 7 is heading to the Nintendo Switch... in Japan
TechSpot  6 hours ago  

Resident Evil 7 is heading to the Nintendo Switch, Capcom has revealed, although perhaps not in the format (or territory) you’d hoped for. A listing for Biohazard 7: Resident Evil Cloud Version has surfaced on Capcom’s Japanese portal. As the name suggests, ...  read

NVIDIA-powered robot AI learns by watching humans
SlashGear  22 hours ago  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have come a long way and have become buzzwords in many tech products today. Impressive as they are, however, their methods of learning are still mostly, well, artificial. NVIDIA researchers are developing a new way to train ...  read

OSSIC X 3D audio headphone dream is no more
SlashGear  19 hours ago  

Crowdfunding is always a risky venture, both for the creators as well as the backers. Being successfully funded, even raising three to five to ten times the goal, is never an assurance that the promised product will be delivered. The bigger the ...  read

Apple cracks down on CallKit-enabled apps in China’s App Store
Ars Technica  9 hours ago  

A new group of apps in China's App Store is facing scrutiny from Apple. According to a report from 9to5Mac, the iPhone maker is curtailing apps with CallKit framework due to a "newly enforced regulation" from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and ...  read

How YouTube's New Music Streaming Service Stands Up to the Competition
Lifehacker  8 hours ago  

Google is back with yet another music streaming service. This time the company is rebranding YouTube Red and splitting it into two new options named YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Here’s everything you need to new about YouTube’s new streaming apps, whether ...  read

HMD Global raises $100 million so that it can build more Nokia phones
PhoneArena  2 hours ago  

HMD Global's deal with Nokia to license its name for smartphones has been a rousing success. For example, today's flash sale to launch the Nokia X6 sold out all available inventory in ten seconds. The Nokia brand is on its way to ...  read

Some activist groups want Facebook broken up
MSPoweruser  5 hours ago  

A coalition of progressive groups is planning to launch an advertising campaign to get the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to split Facebook into several companies and break up its monopoly. The group want the FTC to break off Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger ...  read

Google erases 'Don't be evil' from code of conduct after 18 years
ZDNet  10 hours ago  

Google quietly removes its famous 'Don't be evil' motto, which used to figure in the opening to its code of conduct. At some point in the past month, Google removed its famous 'Don't be evil' motto from the introduction to its code ...  read

Intel discloses new variant on Spectre, Meltdown security flaws
CNET  2 hours ago  

Intel said it will soon release updates to fix newly revealed vulnerabilities. Intel has disclosed a new variant of its widespread Spectre and Meltdown security flaws, introducing a new vulnerability to watch out for. Intel is calling the new strain "Variant 4," ...  read

RED Hydrogen One hands-on: This is no ordinary smartphone  5 hours ago  

RED is best known for making high-end cameras, but it wants to enter a new market with the introduction of its first ever smartphone – the Hydrogen One. Announced last June, the Hydrogen One has been a mythical relic ever since, with ...  read

Apple Drops Lightning to USB-C Cable from $25 to $19
The Mac Observer  7 hours ago  

The cost for a Lightning to USB-C cable to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your new Mac isn’t as expensive as it used to be. Last month, the cable cost $25, and now it’s $19. That’s great because it ...  read

Huawei's MateBook X Pro arrives in the US
Engadget  10 hours ago  

Huawei may be the subject of plenty of public scrutiny from America's security services, but the company still has a bundle of laptops to sell. Fresh from launches across rest of the world, Huawei is now bringing its newest MateBook X Pro ...  read

The UK government wants to implement 'online safety laws' to regulate the internet
TechSpot  5 hours ago  

The internet has always been a bit of a wild place. For many users, this is a good thing - due to the relatively unbiased nature of search engine and social media algorithms, virtually any website or social media post can gain ...  read

Android Spyware Aimed At North Korean Defectors Discovered
AndroidHeadlines  7 hours ago  

Researchers at McAfee have now discovered new applications tied with a malicious attempt to track and steal information from North Korean defectors. While spyware isn’t uncommon in the mobile world, McAfee says this is actually the second attempt by a group it ...  read

Google Photos now has a Favorites feature
The Verge  3 hours ago  

I know a lot of people love Google Photos, but sometimes you realize that the service is missing some elementary stuff. For example, there hasn’t been a Favorites feature until now. Google has announced that, over the next week, it’s rolling out ...  read

T-Mobile Tuesdays Prizes This Week Include 10 LG G7 ThinQ Smartphones
AndroidHeadlines  5 hours ago  

T-Mobile has announced that this week, as part of T-Mobile Tuesdays, its customers will have a chance to win one of ten LG G7 ThinQ smartphones, before it actually goes on sale. T-Mobile also announced earlier this week that pre-orders for the ...  read

Microsoft brings mixed reality to the mainstream through SharePoint spaces
MSPoweruser  6 hours ago  

During the SharePoint Conference North America keynote, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper announced SharePoint spaces , a new mixed reality experience for millions of enterprise users around the world. While HoloLens is quite popular among some industry verticals, Windows Mixed Reality ...  read

OnePlus may be dumping the Dash Charge name
Android and Me  2 hours ago  

OnePlus has its own proprietary quick charging method called Dash Charge, and despite our disdain for proprietary charging methods, it works surprisingly well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the name will stick around for much longer. The company filed for a trademark ...  read

This bizarre exo-asteroid is our Solar System’s first confirmed interstellar immigrant
BGR  3 hours ago  

Immigration is a hotly-debated topic around the world, but it turns out that our Solar System is far more welcoming than some of the countries here on Earth. In a new paper published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, scientists ...  read

​LG chairman Koo Bon-moo dies
ZDNet  1 day, 19 hours ago  

LG Group chairman Koo Bon-moo, the leader of South Korea's fourth-largest conglomerate, has passed away. He will be remembered for transforming LG to a global technological powerhouse. LG Chairman Koo Bon-moo, 73, was instrumental in turning the conglomerate into a global technology ...  read

Google Duo brings screen sharing to Android
SlashGear  1 day, 11 hours ago  

Google’s Duo app has become one of the most popular video calling app on Android since its debut in 2016, and now it’s introducing a rare feature for mobile platforms: screen sharing. The latest version of Duo is rolling out with the ...  read

Acer Predator X27 4K, HDR, and G-Sync gaming monitor up for pre-order
SlashGear  2 days, 7 hours ago  

There’s long been a market for gaming-focused PC monitors, with 4K models being the standard for some time now. But Acer’s Predator line is here with a new flagship display that raises the bar: the X27 is the first gaming monitor to ...  read

What scandal? Facebook usage actually increased after Cambridge Analytica
TechRadar  18 hours ago  

Despite a very vocal Twitter movement to #DeleteFacebook, new findings from investment bank and financial services company Goldman Sachs have revealed that the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, which saw the private information of up to 87 million Facebook users harvested and used ...  read

See Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding pictures
CNET  3 hours ago  

Happily ever after: The three official photos released by Kensington Palace's Instagram account range from formal to fun to romantic. Kensington Palace's Instagram account on Monday released three official photos from the weekend's royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan ...  read

'Deadpool 2' relies on a sexist cliche that has been a problem in superhero stories for decades
Business insider  8 hours ago  

The best thing about the "Deadpool" movies is that they poke fun at superhero cliches, especially at a time when the genre is so saturated and many might be feeling fatigue. So it was a bit of a disappointment when "Deadpool 2" ...  read

Verizon updating LG G6 to Android 8.0 Oreo
Android and Me  3 hours ago  

The LG G7 ThinQ is right around the corner, but the G6 isn’t forgotten. Android 8.0 Oreo has been out for 10 months now, and Android P is already in the developer previews, but an update is always appreciated. The LG G6 ...  read

Siri hints at new HomePod and voice change for WWDC
CNET  2 hours ago  

Apple's digital assistant has a few things to say about WWDC, which kicks off June 4. The smart assistant is more than happy to spill some beans when asked about Apple's upcoming WWDC, including rumors about a new HomePod and a Siri ...  read

Micron’s 5210 Ion Enterprise SSD Packs Industry’s First QLC NAND
extremetech  2 hours ago  

Today, Micron announced that its shipping the industry’s first QLC (quad-level cell) NAND SSD, starting immediately. That’s a surprising move, for two reasons. First, for many years it wasn’t even clear if QLC NAND could ever be built. While TLC NAND first ...  read

FCC investigating website flaw that exposed mobile phone locations
reuters  2 days, 23 hours ago  

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission said on Friday it was referring reports that a website flaw could have allowed the location of mobile phone customers to be tracked to its enforcement bureau to investigate. A security researcher said earlier ...  read

Adobe to acquire Magento Commerce for $1.68 billion
ZDNet  3 hours ago  

The commerce platform rounds out Adobe's customer experience tools, which already include content creation, marketing, advertising and analytics. Adobe on Monday announced it plans to acquire Magento Commerce for $1.68 billion. The commerce platform will be part of Adobe's Digital Experience business, ...  read

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know about the new EU data laws
TechRadar  13 hours ago  

GDPR has been all over the news recently, as companies of all sizes scrabble to make sure they're ready for the new regulations. The new rules are set to come into force on May 25 2018, meaning your business only has a ...  read

Pokémon Go is getting content from the Sun and Moon games
VentureBeat  7 hours ago  

Pokémon Go is getting ready to celebrate the coming of summer by adding new creatures from Sun and Moon, the latest generation of games from the monster-collecting series. Specifically, Niantic will add the Alolan forms of Kanto region Pokémon to Go in ...  read

Nvidia quietly launches a new graphics card
TechRadar  9 hours ago  

While we’re all waiting for new graphics cards to drop this year, Nvidia has quietly introduced a new 3GB version of its existing GeForce GTX 1050. We never expected a new addition to Nvidia’s Maxwell family so late in the game, but ...  read

China inches closer to Moon exploration with launch of new satellite
BGR  5 hours ago  

China really, really, really wants to explore the Moon — more specifically, the dark side of the Moon. The country has been steadily moving towards its ultimate goal of Moon exploration for a long while now, and it just launched a shiny ...  read

Tesla releases source code
MyBroadband  15 hours ago  

Tesla has taken its first step towards compliance with the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) by releasing some of its source code. The car maker has opened two GitHub repositories which contain the buildroot material used to build the system image on ...  read

NASA’s planet-hunting TESS satellite: What you need to know
Digital Trends  1 day, 11 hours ago  

Initially slated for a two-year mission, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) soars in an elliptical, 13.7-day cycle around the Earth. It’s a unique and extreme orbit that’s never been used before, varying as close as 67,000 miles and as far away ...  read

Google Duplex will warn anyone it calls that they are being recorded
The Inquirer  12 hours ago  

GOOGLE'S DUPLEX demonstration has led to a whole bunch of unexpected… ahem… feedback that no one was really expecting, least of all Google. Having belatedly pledged that any calls made by Google Assistant would be announced as automated to the receiving party, ...  read

The Developers Union wants Apple to fix the App Store
Neowin  2 days, 22 hours ago  

Apple's App Store on iOS has generally been pretty successful, and last year's holiday season bore testimony to that. But while the company may have been celebrating those numbers, some developers feel like the App Store isn't the best environment for them. ...  read

Major price cuts announced on iPhone 7 amid launch rumours of new cheaper iPhone X
Mirror  9 hours ago  

Rumours are circling the internet that a new version of the pricey iPhone X could be released that costs around half as much as the current £999 price tag. But while Apple has, as per usual, kept shtum about the gossip, the ...  read

Sonos Announces 13 New Speaker Bundles, Starting At $379
AndroidHeadlines  6 hours ago  

Sonos announced today, a slew of new speaker bundles to help customers get started in adding Sonos to their home audio system. These bundles include Sonos One speakers, PLAY:5, PlayBar, PlayBase, Sub and Turntables, so you can really create a great system ...  read

FCC is Hurting Consumers To Help Corporations, Mignon Clyburn Says On Exit
Slashdot  53 minutes ago  

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way. To the contrary, it was the old FCC under Obama that was writing business friendly legislation under the guise of regulation, ...  read

Google could face $4.3 billion claim in iPhone privacy case
The Mercury News  10 hours ago  

Apple iPhone users suing Google over data-collection claims may be seeking as much as 3.2 billion pounds ($4.29 billion), the search giant said in a court filing. The group representing iPhone users, known as Google You Owe Us, now includes 4.4 million ...  read

Moto G6, G6 Play Confirmed To Launch In India On June 4
AndroidHeadlines  14 hours ago  

After its debut in Brazil last month, the Moto G6 series is all set to launch in India. The Lenovo-owned brand has confirmed to launch its mid-range series early next month on June 4. Earlier today, a page dedicated to the Moto ...  read

Is Google a monopoly? ’60 Minutes’ revisits long-running question
The Mercury News  8 hours ago  

Amid the hubbub over big tech, it’s Google’s turn under the spotlight, with “60 Minutes” on Sunday examining the long-running claims that the Silicon Valley giant is a monopoly and stifles competition. The allegations — that Google abuses its dominant positions in ...  read

Orbital ATK launches another Cygnus without anything blowing up
Theregister  12 hours ago  

Orbital ATK's Cygnus freighter launched from Florida this morning carrying supplies, spares and science to the International Space Station. While SpaceX tends to grab the headlines with its crowd-pleasing habit of landing rockets, Orbital ATK continues to plug away with its more ...  read

Google details how it will overturn encryption signals in Chrome
Itworld  2 hours ago  

Google has further fleshed out plans to upend the historical approach browsers have taken to warn users of insecure websites, spelling out more gradual steps the company will take with Chrome this year. Starting in September, Google will stop marking plain-vanilla HTTP ...  read

AT&T has launched a programmable LTE button for businesses
The Verge  1 day, 7 hours ago  

AT&T has introduced a new product called the LTE-M button, a programmable button that businesses can deploy to allow customers to place orders or send alerts. The LTE-M button isn’t designed for consumers, but for businesses: it can be programmed and issued ...  read

Fortnite for Android is coming very soon
betanews  2 days, 13 hours ago  

The phenomenon that is Fortnite will be making its way to Android, Epic Games has revealed. An Android version of the game is something that mobile gamers have been begging for for some time now, and it seems it will not be ...  read

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Phablet Coming In July: Xiaomi’s CEO
AndroidHeadlines  10 hours ago  

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, has just confirmed that the Mi Max 3 phablet will be announced in July. Lei Jun confirmed this info via Weibo (Chinese social network), as he was responding to a question by one of the consumers. Some rumors ...  read

Former Uber Engineer’s Lawsuit Claims Sexual Harassment
nytimes  4 hours ago  

SAN FRANCISCO — A former engineer at Uber sued the company on Monday, claiming that co-workers sexually harassed her during her time at the ride-hailing service and that its human resources department failed to act on her complaints. In the lawsuit, Ingrid ...  read

Maeve has a new level of control on ‘Westworld’
The Daily Dot  8 hours ago  

‘I told you I found a new voice. Now we use it.’ Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest Westworld episode, “Akane No Mai.” As one of the more “awake” hosts of Westworld, Maeve has had an unprecedented level of control ...  read

Lyft may be getting into the electric scooter game
Engadget  4 hours ago  

Lyft seems to be eyeing a move into the electric scooter craze -- the company is considering applying for a permit to run a service in San Francisco, The Information reported, and it's in the early stages of working on prototypes. Some ...  read

Lawmakers ask Uber, Lyft for answers on sexual assaults
CNET  2 hours ago  

Nine members of Congress write a letter to ride-hailing companies saying they want to know more. Lawmakers want ride-hailing companies to explain how they deal with sexual assaults. Nine members of Congress sent a letter Monday to Uber, Lyft, Juno, Via and ...  read

A New Look Inside Theranos’ Dysfunctional Corporate Culture
Wired  3 hours ago  

When a chemist raised concerns about the blood testing machines' high error rates, she was ignored. So she resigned. Alan Beam was sitting in his office reviewing lab reports when Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes poked her head in and asked ...  read

Samsung Galaxy Watch could be Wear OS not Tizen
Pocket-lint  9 hours ago  

Samsung will reportedly look back to Google's smartwatch operating system for its next device, reports from China suggest. Although it abandoned Android Wear for its own Tizen platform several years ago, the company is said to be planning a Wear OS device ...  read

​Samsung hosts 3GPP final meeting for 5G standard
ZDNet  19 hours ago  

Samsung will host the 3GPP working group's meeting to complete 5G phase-1 standard in Busan, South Korea, from May 21 to 25. Samsung Electronics will host the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) working group's final meeting to complete 5G mobile communication standards ...  read

‘Deadpool 2’ ends the box-office reign of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
Digital Trends  21 hours ago  

It fell short of pundits’ lofty predictions, but the opening weekend for Deadpool 2 was still huge, and more than enough to knock Avengers: Infinity War off the top of the weekend box office charts. The sequel to 2016’s Deadpool raked in ...  read

Telstra's mobile networks go TOESUP* in national outage
Theregister  22 hours ago  

Telstra's mobile network experienced a nationwide outage on Monday morning, May 21st, 2018. For a while, according to some media reports, the carrier's outage reporter was also down, but at the time of writing it was working well enough to identify local ...  read

Sony to shift focus from hardware to gaming and entertainment
MyBroadband  18 hours ago  

Sony Corp. is done working for peanuts in the hardware business. Kenichiro Yoshida, who took over as chief executive officer in April, is set to unveil a three-year plan on Tuesday that embraces Sony’s growing reliance on income from gaming subscriptions and ...  read

Best Buy is reportedly ending its Gamers Club Unlocked membership program
TechSpot  an hour ago  

Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked membership program appears to be on the way out the door. The electronics retailer in a leaked internal memo announced it would no longer be accepting new members into the program and sure enough, the landing page ...  read

I’m a MacBook Pro fan, but this ASUS ZenBook Pro is really sweet
MyBroadband  17 hours ago  

I own a 2017 MacBook Pro 15-inch, and I love it – but if I had to venture back to Windows, the latest ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 would be at the top of the laptop list. ASUS has kitted the ZenBook Pro ...  read

China marks a key private rocket launch
Engadget  18 hours ago  

American companies currently dominate the private spaceflight industry, but that might not be true for much longer. China's OneSpace Technologies launched its first rocket on May 16th, effectively kicking off the era of private space transportation in the country. The single-stage OS-X ...  read

Got a Snapdragon-powered PC? Sprint has free LTE with your name on it
Android Authority  1 day, 13 hours ago  

Qualcomm and Microsoft’s “Always Connected PC” platform is a promising one, but one that also requires some sort of LTE plan to fulfill. That is where Sprint’s recent promotion comes on, though it has its own set of caveats. Thanks to the ...  read

Apple vs Samsung patent infringement case goes to jury: Report
Firstpost  14 hours ago  

Jurors return to a Silicon Valley courtroom on 21 May to put a price on patented iPhone design features copied by Samsung in a legal case dating back seven years. A Samsung logo and a logo of Apple are seen in an ...  read

WhatsApp unveils a treat for a few 'lucky' users - have YOU been selected?
Mirror  12 hours ago  

WhatsApp has announced a brand new feature that will be available for a select few users. It's now possible to launch group video chats that let you see and talk to several friends at the same time. Although officially announced at the ...  read

PayPal Pays Up to Get Into Stores  15 hours ago  

PayPal has long been the king of peer-to-peer payments and a big player in online payments, but has had a very limited presence in stores. The company’s $2.2 billion acquisition of a fast-growing Swedish payments company called iZettle is a smart but ...  read

OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Pitted Against Each Other
Telecom Talk  2 days, 21 hours ago  

The very popular Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has recently launched its new flagship phone in India. The OnePlus 6, which happens to be making a lot of rounds of the internet owing to its impressive price point and specifications as finally been launched ...  read

OpenStack Moves Beyond the Cloud to Open Infrastructure
eWeek  3 hours ago  

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The OpenStack Summit got underway on May 21, with a strong emphasis on the broader open-source cloud community beyond just the OpenStack cloud platform itself. At the summit, the OpenStack Foundation announced that it was making its open-source ...  read

Electronic Deals – May 21, 2018: Nebula Capsule, Moto X4 & More
AndroidHeadlines  10 hours ago  

Today, Amazon has discounted the Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector, bringing the price down to just $248. That’s good for nearly $100 off of its regular price. Nebula is a division of Anker, so you know that you are getting a pretty ...  read

HMD Global Sells All Its Nokia X6 Devices In Ten Seconds
AndroidHeadlines  55 minutes ago  

The Nokia X6 smartphone sold out in just ten seconds after the sales period for the device kicked off in China today. This was revealed by Nokia‘s official account on Chinese social networking site Weibo. It is also understood that about 700,000 ...  read

Budget constraints can kill IT innovation … but only if you let them  13 hours ago  

It's often taken as received wisdom that federal CIOs are limited in the ways that they marshal new technology initiatives to improve their agencies' missions because they don't have the budget to be effective. "I don't want any money. I don't need ...  read

Microsoft announces upcoming OneDrive improvements
Neowin  an hour ago  

Microsoft's SharePoint Conference North America is taking place today, and the company already announced a new mixed reality experience for the platform. But Microsoft is also announcing some new features for OneDrive at the event. The additions, which will be rolling out ...  read

Amazon is in talks to resurrect 'The Expanse'
Engadget  13 minutes ago  

Just because Syfy dropped The Expanse doesn't mean the cult sci-fi hit has met its end. Sources talking to Deadline, Variety and Hollywood Reporter have all claimed that Amazon is in discussions to resurrect The Expanse for a fourth season. Neither Amazon ...  read

Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 16299.461 - here's what's new
Neowin  an hour ago  

Patch Tuesday was almost two weeks ago, but it's not uncommon for Microsoft to release cumulative updates in the middle of the month. Last week, Windows 10 users on versions 1607 and 1703 got some love, and today, the company is releasing ...  read

This Device Can Send Messages Without Cell Service
popularmechanics  an hour ago  

When you need to send a message from your smartphone and find yourself without a reliable Wi-Fi or mobile signal, you have two options: You can either use another mobile network’s laughably expensive and spotty service, or send a carrier pigeon. And ...  read

Supreme Court Rules Against Workers In Arbitration Case
Wired  an hour ago  

On Monday, the Supreme Court slowed recent momentum to give workers—including many in the tech sector—the right to a day in court. The Supreme Court case centered around clauses in employment contracts that require employees to resolve disputes through arbitration, and preclude ...  read

Twitter now uses its own emoji on Android
Android Police  3 hours ago  

Twitter's Android app looks a little different for many today: the platform now uses its own "Twemoji" emoji set rather than system emoji. The update will have the most effect for users on older Android versions, which lack some newer emoji. A ...  read

Why Intel’s Mobileye Blew a Red Light While Showing Off Its Ride
Bloomberg  4 hours ago  

Last week, Mobileye, the Intel-owned manufacturer of driver-assistance systems, announced it would compete in the race to create a fully driverless car, unveiling a fleet of prototype vehicles in Jerusalem that navigate city streets without the use of lasers or radars, which ...  read

Memorial Day sales 2018: What to expect
TechRadar  3 hours ago  

Having come to symbolically mark the start of summer, Memorial Day is also one of the biggest shopping weekends of the season. Memorial Day sales are some of the most popular retail events of the year, and you'll see just about everything ...  read

US Treasury Secretary Calls For Google Monopoly Probe
Slashdot  33 minutes ago  

After a 60 Minutes episode that focused on Google and its effective search monopoly, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin called for large tech companies to be investigated for potential antitrust violations. Asked whether Google was abusing its market dominance as a monopoly, ...  read

[Deal Alert] 15% off select eBay purchases of $50 or more, up to $50 off
Android Police  5 hours ago  

It seems like every other week, eBay releases a 10 or 15% off site-wide off coupon. The time has now come again, as a new Memorial Day promotion has started. Now you can get 15% off items from select sellers, as long ...  read

Howard Stern reminds us that Trump thinks Ivanka is a ‘10’
The Daily Dot  2 hours ago  

According to Howard Stern, President Donald Trump may think actress Angelina Jolie is just a “seven,” but he’s got his daughter Ivanka rated as a “10” on his big board. Appearing this week on David Letterman’s Netflix series My Next Guest Needs ...  read

Watch Ex-Formula 1 Driver Mark Webber Take The Porsche Mission E Out For A Spin
Tech Times  4 hours ago  

Former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber drives the new Porsche Mission E on the Weissach test track, describing it as a "game changer." According to Webber, driving the Mission E for the first time is one of his unforgettable Porsche moments, right ...  read

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ multiplayer to contain story elements
thestar  2 hours ago  

The 'Black Ops 4' multiplayer reveal trailer shows that regenerating health is being switched out for visible health bars. — Activision Rather than build on the foundation of a solo campaign mode, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is to launch with ...  read

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 to feature villain never seen on the big screen  6 hours ago  

After Avengers 4, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is supposed to ground the Marvel Cinematic Universe without the stakes of Thanos in the background. While few details about the upcoming movie are known—aside from its July 5, 2019, release date—a fresh leak ...  read

Big iPhone leak shows new display (size)
SlashGear  8 hours ago  

Now that Apple changed the iPhone schedule with X, a new wave is in store for 2018. But what’s the size set going to be – and will there be three phones, or just two? This morning a set of blueprint-like plans ...  read

Netflix is dominating HBO in how much people love its original TV shows and movies, and its lead is growing
Business insider  4 hours ago  

Netflix's original programming is blowing away its competition in the eyes of consumers, but the subscriber count for HBO's streaming service is surging, according to new research from Morgan Stanley and Alphawise. Netflix will spend an estimated $8 billion on content this ...  read

Sony’s smaller version of its E Ink tablet available for pre-order in the U.S.
Digital Trends  7 hours ago  

If you’re in the market for a tablet, Sony has another offering that may catch your eye. The Japanese electronics company recently released its new DPT-CP1 “Digital Paper” tablet, an E Ink tablet that is really meant for folks who still want ...  read